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In Sekrit, In Stealth
I suppose I'm one of those fellows my father always warned me against.
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3rd-Sep-2009 03:41 pm - Work-cakes, meh.
Must. Try. To. Stop. Posting. Depressing. Things. About. Work.

Cut for depressing work feelinksCollapse )
26th-Aug-2009 12:47 am - Equation of my life
Work = Life = Work = Life = Work

Balance, que?
Kradam - Best Top 2 Ever
People tend to ask me, "Gee, what is it that you do after work everyday, ey, Maxine?"

Good question. What do I do after work everyday?

These days, there's not much left of the day once I get back so I tend to want to consolidate my last few waking hours doing something fluffy and shameless and ridiculously meaningless.

Lately, that seems to have translated itself into watching this video over and over again for at least 5 times straight. Straight. Gettit? Hahaha. Ok.

*eyeballs YOU* God is judging you right back, uh-huhCollapse )

Seriously, my world is becoming too God. Damn. Small. *pulls face*

I'm off to try and deconstruct my life according to Foucault. Oh, who am I kidding. *clicks Replay*

Life, passing me by. Bye bye.
Kradam - Best Top 2 Ever
Okay, I've been doing the math and by my (very impatient) calculations, this weekend should be the weekend where...


*Finally* something I can actually catch from this side of the world, ya'know? So I have to listen to the charts for uh, 4 hours but hey, what better way to spend a Saturday, yea?

Listen to me, omg. Man.

So, tomorrow is Saturday, yea?

Tune in to FLY FM (95.8fm Klang Valley) at 4pm for Ryan Seacrest's Top 40s chart!

For gossip gossip spoilers of what went down - although why they call it a spoiler, I have absolutely zilch idea because that would imply plot and uh, storyline. I guess considering the amount of Kradam stalking I've been undertaking lately, AI fandom is beginning to take on an otherworldly fictional quality to it.

Right ho.


If Fly FM messes up the timing for this and it doesn't come on this week. I. Will. Cut. People. Ha ha ha. No yes, I really will. *manic*
6th-Jul-2009 12:44 pm - Kennot TAHAN
Kradam - Best Top 2 Ever
This shit is too EPIC FOR WORDS.

Yadda yadda, I'm crazy, I gettit. It's just - I can't even hear the damn concert or whatever but it bloody feels like I'm there, you know, you know? There are like fangirls sitting on fangirls commenting all the bloody same time and it's like *instant* it's LIVE - holy cow, this moment right now? This is WHEN I LOVE THE INTERNETZ.

90 goddam pages.

Keep it coming, benches!!

Adam inna black tank top.

Yes, pls.

work? what work?
6th-Jul-2009 09:58 am - BUGGER WORK
Kradam - Best Top 2 Ever
AH BUGGERALLE. ONTD_AI is on hyper mode from all the excitement on AI's Portland concert which is happening Right Now.

Pics of HBIC, pics of Pocket Idol, pics of everyother Presh AI person with *fans*. Exploding ovaries. Everwhere.

If I ever thought of a good day to take a fake MC because I could, today is the day. Damn my work ethics. *shakes fist*

Or possibly not so damn because er, no work seems to be getting done anyway >.>


*Wants to listen to the concert on Cellcast So. Bad. ARGH.*
5th-Jul-2009 10:00 pm - Omg, FANDOM AH!
Kradam - Best Top 2 Ever
Halo, WORLD!

Once again I shake my fist at being so damn far away from the side of the world where AWESOME AI touring is happening and Kradam is taking place before our very eyes. Well, not *my* eyes but such is the sorry state of my fannish life.

Anyway, remember that Rolling Stones cover with Adam Lambert on it, looking like he was poised on the verge of despoiling every Man, Woman and Pocket Idol?. Yar, I ordered my copy from Borders aaaages ago but decided to hop drop by Kinokuniya the other day to ask if they still had it.

This was what the counter person told me, "Sorry, but it was all sold out". I thought, Ok, pretty understandable. I mean, how *wouldn't* you sell out tons of copies of Adam Lambert with a *snake* coiled around his *thigh*, on the cover? Makes perfect sense.

That was, until the counter service person told me just how many copies of that Rolling Stones mag they ordered: Two.

Yes, goshdarned, bedamned TWO copies. To appease all the crazy Adam stans in Malaysia. Well done.


No words. Do you like, even *want* money, Kinokuniya? Because I like, has them but I gots no Rolling Stones mag to spend it on, GODDAMN.

Borders is looking bleak anyway - unlikely that they do take about 1 month to ship my mag over to Malaysia, more's the pity.

OH WELL. Piracy - Where supply ALWAYS meets demand.


On a separate note:

On Yaoi

Holy Mother. June manga announces their line-up for Jan 2010 and some purchase-now-get-your-slash-faster prog.

Two words.


It's been So. Many. Years. since Close the Last Door Vol. 1 has been published and the fate of June Manga picking the second vol up in limbo due to Biblos' bankruptcy woes, etc.

Seriously, the worse case of blue balls EVER, ok.

I've been over the Yaoi fandom curve for some time (helooo Merlin and KRADAM...) but I'll read Yamada Yugi-drawn anything in a heartbeat *anyday*. \

It'll still be about more than a year from now (ARGH, Oct 2010??) and I am not going to pauper myself with shipping fees AND possible confiscation by our terror-some and efficient Malaysian Customs due to the Bad Gay content, so will NOT be pre-ordering mah copies online.

Still! Confirmed news that they will be publishing it and a *date* - something to look forward to.

Life Is Good.

Note to self: Hanging around ontd_ai comm all day will do funny things to your English, for me for you for me for you for me.
16th-Jun-2009 10:53 pm - o.O
Kradam - Best Top 2 Ever
Haha. Well.

Oh, ontd_ai. I thought I was party to a parody of internet crazies. Who knew that when I looked around, turns out that a whole bunch of them are actually flat out barmy after all?

Oh, InternetZ. Never a dull moment.

Never think you can tell the Crazy people apart from the Funnies.


On the slightly less stark raving mad side of the community, this was pointed out: Malay celeb mag picked up on AI gossip and...

Adam dengan Kris: Bergaduh?

Dude. They have a manip of Kradam. Y'know. Sitting on each other's laps or something. Made by one of the BBs on the comms.

*dies of laughing*

Kradam gossip in BM - fulfilling your wildest imaginations!
15th-Jun-2009 10:07 am - Meh
*hates life*

*hates world*

*hates work*

*realises that am paid obscene amounts of money and should not have a right to complain about work*


Don't know what I'm doing, not enough time to do it and hence doing a shitty job of whatever that I am supposed to be doing.

Life as usual, folks! Nothing to see here.

10.10am on a Monday morning.

Boy, this is going to be a long week.
14th-Jun-2009 08:31 pm - Funny/Not Funny? Take your pick
You know that hilarious video of that Korean guy singing Mariah Carey's Touch My Body making its round on teh Internetz0r?

Yeah, really not that funny. -.-

Touch My Body (Tuts My Barreh) / Karaoke Fail (English subtitles)Collapse )

Theoretically, it's supposed to be funny. English!fail pictures/jokes usually are. Like that LOTR screencaps with bad subtitles? Those were funny. Misspelt roadsigns and signboards? Those are pretty hilarious too.

Unless you happen to be an Asian dude who doesn't even speak English as a second language with your face and voice plastered all over youtube with people commenting in various forms, "Haha, your English is atrocious! Thanks for the entertainment"

Then it becomes less of a funny English!fail joke and more of a 'Yea, let's make fun of the awkward effeminate Asian guy attempting to sing an English song and failing badly'. Because it's for jokes ya?

9th-Jun-2009 11:01 pm - GREAT. I'M STUCK ON CAPS
Kradam - Best Top 2 Ever
Adam Lambert on the cover of the latest Rolling Stones with alkshasdhsd a *snake* on this thigh and an unbuttoned shirt and a fierce belt buckle... and AND.



Found this via ontd_ai:

Adam: I'm Gay and Proud Of It

Lambert even goes on to share his feelings toward sharing a living space with 'Idol' champion Kris Allen. He says that when the show moved them in together, "I was like, 'Oh, s--t, they put me with the cute guy.' Distracting! He's the one guy that I found attractive in the whole group on the show: nice, nonchalant, pretty and totally my type except that he has a wife. I mean, he's open-minded and liberal, but he's definitely 100 percent straight."

Oh, canon. Could you be any more perfect?

Kris just comes off even better in from this because not only was he all weirded out and uncomfortable but it's probable that he *knew* and yet still glommed on Adam and be all BFFs with him - it's just pretty EPIC, fandom!

American Idol tour - T.T

The only thing I have to look forward to in this is *fic* cause this is one Idol contestant who ain't evah going to see the shores of Malaysia for a concert. :(

P.S Hahaha, headlines from this: Adam Lambert reveals worst-kept secret: He's gay

Worst-kept secret indeed.
Common Ground on Late-Term Abortion: Anguish
The Killing of Dr. George Tiller Has Rekindled an Old Debate, but Partisans on Both Sides Acknowledge Each Other's Pain

It's a pretty well-balanced article and a sound thoughtful read all-round.

Article below if you're lazy to click the link ;PCollapse )


I am and always will be pro-choice, as far as the foreseeable future goes, despite my Catholic background, etc.

Do admit that it’s difficult for me to defend being pro-choice to the death and if ever faced with the decision, I’m not sure if I could actually undergo abortion despite being pro-choice.

The idea of third-trimester abortions is not too comfortable to me.

Nevertheless, I have no delusions coming from a moral high ground that making the decision to have a third-trimester abortion or performing it would be anymore comfortable for the mother or to the doctor.

It would be an insult to them to consider the choice an easy way out for the mothers or a money-making venture for doctor without principles.

I wouldn’t consider $6000 grand up front as fantastic payback for daily threats against your life, snubbing from your medical profession and public condemnation.

Dr. Tiller to me, was simply a brave man who made tough decisions everyday to provide an option for women in a society who did not want to give them those options.

He may not have our agreement but his courage deserves our respect.

Requiescat in pace
2nd-Jun-2009 12:34 am - XD
Kradam - Best Top 2 Ever
Seriously, my face is like this right now:

Cut for ADAM's MUGCollapse )

Malaysian fans going strong on ontd_ai, Damn! Like eiki said, We're coming out to play!

31st-May-2009 09:18 pm - RELA strikes yet again.
I was downtown, near Petaling Street when I saw RELA rounding up immigrants into two trucks outside Sinar Kota, a shopping mall there. Some background information, Petaling Street/Sinar Kota has been a gathering point for immigrants during the weekend - so they go there in droves to hang out over the weekend.

Back to the raid - the immigrants were going in without a fight, no tussle of any sort but it was puzzling to see that they were just being randomly hauled into the RELA's 'black maria's for committing the terrible crime of walking on the street. They weren't even selling illegal DVDs or anything, by the roadside.

There were about 10 RELA members in uniform at the scene and even more further down the road, stopping random immigrants, asking for their identification papers.

What I do know: RELA was probably rounding up the immigrants without proper documentation, travel/working permits - basically illegal immigrants. Whether or not the immigrants hauled into the truck were *actually* illegal is anyone's guess.

What you may not know: RELA stand for Ikatan Relawan Rakyat Malaysia (i.e. Malaysian Cititizens' Volunteer Civilian Corp.)

More about this RELA people - thought they were a nice bunch?Collapse )

So, if you managed to read through that summary of RELA's glorious and noble cause, this is what happened:

I saw them rounding up the immigrants and was pretty pissed but unsure if they had the authority to do so or not - so I decided to hit Dr. Yeoh with a call to check. If didn't have the jurisdiction, I was gonna call the cops on their ass. Quick call confirmed that they unfortunately, DO have authority to do so (my knowledge on immigration law a bit rusty after a year) but I decided that the best way would be to pull a camera on them and report them to the newspaper as a concerned citizen, etc etc.

That was when it went a bit pear-shaped. I went towards the trucks and sort of lost it. They weren't roughing the immigrants up, just want to set the record straight but they did drag a guy by the scruff of his neck into the truck and I was Just. So. Mad.

I remembered the stories the parents of the Burmese community I visited last year telling me how they used to huddle behind the door in fear when these RELA guys searched their flat building - refusing to come out because they were afraid of what would happen to them (they're all illegal aliens since Malaysia doesn't officially recognise refugees).

Serious human trafficking shit goes down when these illegal immigrants are hauled in and deported to the border. Suddenly they somehow never make it out of Malaysia and never see the Malaysian border because there are syndicates out there who buy them, pack them into car booths like sardines in a can and send you to work in God knows where.

What I did:

So when I saw the ppl being herded into the truck, I got really *really* pissed. Which was a bad thing because before I knew it, I was walking right up to their faces with my camera and snapping away. They were telling me to stop and I was telling them that they had no right to stop me from taking pictures. It was madness.

People behind me were shouting and this RELA guy driving the truck had the gall to come out and flash his identification card at me - which I didn't see, unfortunately, because I was Blind. With. Rage.

And my parents?

Were absolutely freaking out.

They physically dragged me away to a corner.

Dad & Mum: What are you doing!! Do you want them to arrest you? What if they smash the camera?
Me: They have NO RIGHT to take away my camera and have no reason to ARREST ME!

That's when I burst into tears. Loudly. In the middle of the very crowded sidewalk. Utter mortification

I just couldn't help it, I was so Angry. And angry!tears are the most ridiculous thing because they make you look so emotional and not in control but they absolutely cannot be helped.

The rest of the afternoon was pretty tense because to the 'rents, this came out totally out of the blue from me. They didn't have a clue about my brush with demonstration, which apparently stripped a bit of Fear of Authorities from me, which I didn't even realise. So we had an awful, awful row, which was about them not understanding, and me not helping them to understand that the raid was should not be acceptable to us.


So yea. A lot less crazed angry now and *sober* so can honestly say to anyone out there wanting to start a riot on any righteous account - Don't. Or at least, think really carefully about it first.

Crazy rushing in and provoking authorities, even those who are made of *civilian volunteers* is not a good idea because you immediately lose your ground. There are so much they can do so easily to turn the situation around and you'll just end up being the loser.

Always, always try to maintain a cool head. If they tell you to stop, try and negotiate but don't ever show that you're cowed or afraid of them. They get drunk on power like that.

What I *did* do: I sent a note to both Elizabeth Wong (State Assembly women for my area) and Sivarasa (my Member of Paliament) with the pics of the raid, stating the time, place, no. of ppl, etc and why I thought it was unacceptable. Sent an email to Malay Mail and the Sun. Who knows, they might cover it.

It may not help, since RELA do have the authority to haul in the immigrants' asses but the idea was to let people know that the Malaysian public don't think that this is acceptable - start a few questions - get ppl to ask what happens to those who get arrested.

Put it out there so RELA and the government feels the pressure to be held accountable for their actions and know that just because they wear a uniform and carry firearms, they don't have the right to turn our country into a police state. ('Specially since, y'know, RELA is not even the police!!)

26th-May-2009 01:22 am - O.O
*slaps face*

Dear self,

Stop reading ontd_ai obsessively! That shit is way hardcore stalking. O.O

*grabs hand from clicking another random Adam link*

18th-May-2009 08:01 pm - WTFBBQ!
Caveat: Content below probably not suitable for you to read if you are likely to be offended by discussions (rantings, really) about Malay Privilege by a Chinese girl.

Met this amazingly clueless person today. Amazingly, annoyingly *clueless* excuse of a person. I sat next to her during my corporate induction today. Corporote induction as you know, is held for new recruits for the company or old-ish recruits like me who just didn't manage to get around to attending the first few sessions.

So we were at the MoD's corporate induction yea, listening to talk about talent management in the company and other boring HR-related things which made me glaze over because I never did well with a full stomach and a powerpoint presentation after.

Anyway, we were discussing headhunting and Speaker was recounting his experiences when Woman who Is Amazingly and Annoyingly Clueless (WAAC) piped up commenting about MoD's talent sourcing.

Before I go on, I just want to say that I did find WAAC annoying on that morning itself. Just one of those ladies who would go on and on talking about themselves or anything else, for that matter with this air of *knowing* - dunno lar, just turns me off la, people who can't appreciate the wonders of Silence. (Haha, ironic for me, no?)

So! WAAC started mentioning about MoD's talent sourcing management and I was wondering what on earth she was about - she was rather roundabout getting to the gist of her argument. This was what she said:

12th-Apr-2009 02:11 am - Ah, Idol!
Nngh. Adam Lambert. *glassy eyes*

It's really somewhat funny because I haven't been catching Idol at all this Season, what with coming back later and not being motivated enough to catch it at 8pm plus, etc etc. Tango and Coupe were the ones gushing about Adam Lambert's singing in office. Tango was mooning over his awesome falsetto. At home, my mum would be all, "Adam Lambert and his rocker look! But he slicked back his hair like Elvis this week and he is so good-looking!"

It wasn't until I had this conversation with Musica:

*blah blah conversation*
Musica: Didn't you see those pictures of Adam Lambert?
Me: What pictures?
Musica: It's all over the net la, *mutters something about me not being up to date* Y'know, of Adam Lambert kissing guys
Me: whatWHAT??

Ye gods. There are pictures of him in purple-hair and glitter and macking guys... with tongue!

Helooo IDOL.

So I am going to religiously follow Idol EVERY WEEK now, yes.

Also, have this compulsion to laugh hysterically and stick pictures of AL macking guys all over Tango and Coupe's computer screen >:D

p.s. Honestly, tho. How is it not obvious, yar? I mean...

(The week they got the Idol's parents talking about their kid when young)

Adam's mum: When Adam was little, he loved everything. He loved books, he loved music...
Adam's Dad: Sports? Not so much.
[video cuts away to Adam]

Adam: I just loved playing dress-up. Not soccer *shrugs amused*

*scratched head* I mean, y'know. I haven't been catching Idol regularly but you don't need to be Sherlock to make this brilliant deduction... O.O
7th-Apr-2009 04:37 pm - *shamefaced!!*
Ohman, I totally deserve whatever harassment I get from Gay FRIM Dude, man.

My event is drawing nearer, which is great since I can get it over and done with. Also, arranging an event to plant trees and do environmental tree-hugging things is sort of fun (*touches wood*) although worry-inducing for a worrywart like me >.<

Anyhow, the double-edged blessing in planning this is that I am not doing any dirty running-around legwork this time - FRIM is. Or rather, (not-so) Gay FRIM dude is. Therein lies the worry. He's toned down, in that he has stopped sms-ing me and giving me miss calls at weird hours in the night but my worry over making sure that this event goes *well* means that he needs to be on top of things and making sure everything is perfect-perfect for us, since we're one anal MoD.

So in that mindframe, I've started flirting horribly with him to you know, arm-wrestle Fate into making sure he's in constant good humour and is... Not planning the destruction of my event.

To be fair, FRIM dude sounds pretty efficient, he does. He inspires confidence but I can't seem to shake off that worry of *depending* the future of my event on this dude kilometers away, whom I can't see on a daily/weekly basis. Although, the wonders of the telephone - it really is wonderful! Thank goodness for that.

Anyway, yeah. So a conversation with him on discussing event-planning went something like this:

(In BM)
Me: Just so you know, I'll be away from xx to xx overseas, yea. Which is why I'm hurrying to complete as much as I can before that.

FRIM Dude: Really? Wow. *nudge nudge wink wink ovr phone* Getting married, issit?

Me: No lar. I'm only going for a few days, I'll definitely need like, *two months* off for a wedding celebration!

FRIM dude: Haha. I know you're not getting married anyway... cause you have to wait for me!

Me: Is that so? You have to take a number, you know!

Both: *laughs rauciously over phone*

I've also apparently agreed to take him out for a lunch or dinner somewhere, out there... on the successful event of my event.

Man. I'm totally the person to sell my abuelita for a project to go smoothly.


p.s. Honestly wish I could have had my event *before* my trip to Hong Kong! Cause now my brain is on workworkwork! instead of hyping myself up proper and inappropriately using office time to blog look up places to eat awesome HK food on Google.
27th-Mar-2009 10:07 am - Ultimate Boss Fail >: (
I was talking to my manager, Patience and 3rd level-boss, Tango today when I caught a snippet of the most unbelievable conversation that highlights utter Big Boss Failure.

They were talking about getting our team of directors' approval on a certain project and discussing how Patience should approach certain directors to gain 'visibility'.

(Paraphrased from our conversation)

Patience: Ah, come on, which director doesn't know me? They all know me by name.

Tango: (how about) Garlic*?

Patience: Garlic hardly knows anyone's name!

Me: *butts in* But how can Garlic not know your name? o.O

Tango: He doesn't even know my name, ok

Patience: *gives an amused look* For the longest time, whenever he wanted to talk to Tango, he would tell his secretary to "call that Chinese manager who sits at the opposite side of the room"


Just to recap for all who have forgotten, Tango's a senior manager. Sure, he doesn't report directly to Garlic but he writes Garlic's *speeches* and internal communications and everything with Garlic's NAME on it. Not to mention Tango's had a 'personal audience' with Garlic for pretty much every project that needs his approval.

Let's face it, our office area is pretty big, what with the factory and all and it may have been forgivable if say, Tango was sitting in the factory area with the Operations Managers and doesn't get to see Garlic, who sits on the 3rd flr of the admin building, very often unless necessary.

However, Tango is not. He sits on the Same. Floor.

Maybe I'm oversensitive - I've been spending a few sporadic late nights catching up on the latest fiasco in RaceFail09. Honestly though, the only indignant comment I could muster to something as ridiculous as the comment "that Chinese manager who sits across the room" was:

Me: *pissed* What, so he has trouble recognising faces? Chinese people all look alike to him?

Tango: *shrugs* Maybe?

Yeah well, sorry if we all look alike, man. That reason really doesn't cut it.

*Try* a little more, for Pete's Sake. You're the face of the God Damn company. Surely you can remember the name of the senior manager who sits on the floor as you, who personally consults you on *work*-related matters, whom you bump into On. A. Daily. Basis.

At best, you are just a lousy excuse of a boss who can't even remember the name of important staff.

*Pseudonym to cover my ass

ETA: Just to make clear, Garlic is white. (Maybe him being obnoxious is naturally attributed to the fact that he's French?) *ducks potatoes* Joking, joking!
13th-Mar-2009 12:26 am - Weirdness in the AIR around me
You know how yaoi inexplicably tends to feature at least one of those yaoi pheromone-riddled slash scenes?

Right, I'm beginning to have this weird and uncomfortable feeling that maybe, *maybe* I'm releasing these X factor pheromone thing that yaoi waxes so lyrical about. It's either that or I'm going slightly off the bend.

Because honestly, what a strange week I've had enduring clumsy pick-up lines coming from such inappropriate directions.

First case

I get an email message from this guy (I assume he's a guy o.O)- let's call him Jide since that's part of his email address. He addresses me by *name* and self-deprecatingly wonders if I have forgotten him. He wants to be friends yet mystifyingly refuses to reveal his identity.

My first impression: He's trying to scam my non-existent money. Boy-O, I totally have no idea who you are and your one line intro along the lines of "Oh, you prolly can't remember me but I'd love to have a drink with you sometime!" reminds me of badly-spelt love letters and being 14-years-old. Coy is not a good look especially if you approach me all cloak and dagger-like *online*.

Anyway, I was all curious because - Hey, he could be Archangel from the Midvalley Career Fair that I met and totally fell into crush with. Because whoa, Archangel is one dreamy package. Of course, Archangel also works in my office (or well, the wing across the road) and has since the Fair totally forgotten my existence but there you go. I gave "jide" my msn anyway.

Wonderful thing about MSN - you can always block them if they start weirding you out.

So that was the first case.

Second case

At the start of my attachment in my new Dept, I had a project with the shittiest timelines you can imagine. I worked together with Tiger practically around the clock trying to get everything done and it was close to nightmare-ish levels. During our close-to-midnight sessions in office, we were camping out at Workaholic's office.

Workaholic - Senior Manager, *very* nice chap without any sort of stuffy managerial air about him whatsoever. He's also, I gather, slightly a pushover and works under Darth Vader. To be fair, I think Vader would bulldoze over everyone. It's tiring trying to have a conversation with Vader. He forces his opinion on your with a wrench and a really big mallet. Anyone would be pushovers under him.

Anyway! Workaholic, good egg. We got quite chummy with him, since working around the clock tends be a good bonding catalyst. Last night, I bumped into him in the guardhouse whilst he was playing solitaire on his phone.

I was talking to him about work in general, asking how he was coping (busy as ever, as per usual) and reminded him on the meeting we were supposed to have next week.

Workaholic: Huh? What meeting?
Me: The meeting, remember?
Workaholic: Ey, you sure meeting or dating?

As I type this, it's a lot of nothing, really. He just said it in a teasing manner and we laughed uproariously over it. Just, y'know. Sort of inappropriate? Seeing as how Workaholic is like, married with two kids - aged 7 and 3 years? o.O I could've sworn it was somewhat flirty...

Third Case

Probably the most odd and slightly disconcerting one.

I went to FRIM (Forest Reserve Institute of Malaysia) to recce the place for an upcoming event I'm handling for work. Had to liaise with this FRIM dude who was also a pretty nice chap. Could've sworn he was gayer than a dance around the May pole, though. He has a slight soft laughter and dip as he flapped his hands occasionally while he talked.

Yea, for some reason, Gay FRIM Dude has taken to giving me miss calls at heck-o-hour at night. He has messaged me after work (around 5pm. Ha! Semi-gov workers) to ask inane things like whether I am busy or not, what am I doing, etc etc. Today, I called him up in office to ask about work-related things for my event and he was all, "Did you miss me?" so I humoured him lar. Anyway, honestly Malay dudes have a whole different sort of conversational dynamics with ladies compared to Chinese dudes so I thought he was just being, y'know. Normal.

Until he starts telling me how busy he is, and that he is jogging after work everyday to "maintain" (his girly figure) and here I am, holding the phone away from my ear with a fish hook for an eyebrow, wondering if the chap is trying to Pick Me Up or just bonding with another sista.

All the while this is going on, I am slightly confused if maybe this is how he talks to *all* of his clients - his weird PR way of friendly banter/stalking. I. Don't. Know.

Anyway, it's disconcerting. I don't like to feel like I am stalked. Even slightly, by seemingly mild-mannered Gay Dudes.

A part of me thinks that it's probably also because of my somewhat sheltered life, wherein I am totally used to guys treating me "normally" not like some... hot chick they try to pick up.

Also, normal Chinese guys my age tend to not be forward like Gay FRIM Dude At All. Well, to me. Which in some ways may signify a toll of doom and a partner-less future as they are not interested in me that way but I'm really very comfortable with the normal conversation I get out of it, so I am perfectly all right with that.

I can't imagine what it's like to be Hello Kitty. The poor lass is simply besieged with guys who want to get into her pants *all the time*. She might be used to it but I would be totally freaked out and trying to communicate to them to stay the bloody hell away.


P.S. Ha! "Jide" messaged me on MSN and turns out to be a *student* from Nottingham University that I met last year (hello.) whilst I was still interning with HR at a Career Fair. I remember him. I also remember my Nottingham Uni friend's advice that Nigerian boys in that campus do *not* have a good rep.

Cut off his questions on whether I had a boyfriend or not by telling him I was married with a kid and blocked him from MSN.


*bemoans* Why can't guys hit on me with polite yet lame jokes and be earnest and endearing in a witty manner? Why can't they be more like... Fictional BBC Merlin/fictional David Cook or something?

[/stops watching so much TV and resets expectations accordingly]
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