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10th-Mar-2009 02:39 am - Travelling, whoo!
I am having *such* a good time planning for a trip to Hong Kong with family sometime next month (*keeps fingers crossed*). Have never done the whole checking out plane ticket prices and nose out hotels online before.

It is such awesome fun. I'd even do it for imaginary holidays, really!

Had karaoke session with the Comms gang today and made grand plans on travel till our faces turned blue. I so want to get away and backpack with the girls but we can't even have a successful trip to Malacca so I is a little doubtful, haha.

Anyway, TRAVELLING, WHOO! Getawaygetawaygetaway. I just want to be in a place that is not Malaysia, see people who are *not* in Malaysia and eat food that does not make me think of home, no matter how much I love Malaysian food.

This stone is gathering too much moss. I gotta roll!

p.s. If work somehow gets in the way of my trip to Hong Kong or elsewhere, I swear I will Burn Down The MoD HeadQuarters of Doom and all the houses of the managers who stand in my way.

p.p.s Desperate? What makes you say that? : D
I was going to make a post with a ranty/melancholic air about relationships in general or the lack thereof (on my part) but decided not to pander to my emo side just so often and bumped off to read a bit of Arthur/Merlin to cheer me up.

OMG, syllic just posted the next chapter to her Harlequin!Merlin fic, which on *rowing* and the boys in *Oxford* ♥ ♥

Afterall, it is Friday and *Monday* is a public holiday too so I'll be damned to let anything ruin (or emo-up) my Friday :D


p.s. I realised I tend to fidget a lot in work and yesterday was plugged into listening to The Priests' album the entire day, on repeat. So. Much. Love! I got so much done and am totally in the mood for classical church hymns.

(None of that pop/rock Christian bands, they play good music but for some reason, they're so *earnest* in trying to be cool and y'know, all Christianly, it always makes the Catholic inside me cringe, haha. Christianity will never be 'cool' in pop culture, no matter how you try to sex it up without actually making reference to well, sex.)
25th-Feb-2009 03:04 pm - New department -- hoo?
Cut for negative energy!Collapse )

I need to take a day's leave if just to, y'know. Not drop ded.
16th-Feb-2009 12:26 pm - EPIC FAIL - MD's Meeting
Nightmare of the most epic proportions. Everything was fine and dandy this morning for setup for the MD's meeting. About 20mins before the time, ppl started streaming in and the IT guy hadn't arrived yet. Called him repeatedly and he didn't answer. No one knew where he was.

Singapore started to dial in for the teleconference and couldn't get in. The directors started to arrive and wait for the meeting to start. Tango started hissing loudly and pointedly at me to get it on with.

Then the IT guy arrived and tried for about 15 minutes trying to connect Singapore through. Our MD arrived and started pacing the room. Singapore still wasn't in. I was frantically calling my guy in Singapore trying to call numerous numbers to call into the meeting.

Finally it got through. 20 minutes of our MD waiting. The pointer to change slides wasn't there. After an entire 20 minutes of Tango looking very, very stormy, it finally arrived and now it's going on.

In about an hour from now, Tango is going to march over and take my head off.

Because of course Tango is the one who tasked me with the set up and now will be looking very, very bad for the long delay. As we all know, woe betide anyone who makes their boss look bad in front of his boss and all the other freakin' bosses in your company.


*Midway during the entire nightmare, I realised I made a slight blunder, of which I am not going to mention because it is so horrifically simple yet - MISTAKE OF EPIC PROPORTIONS.

ETA: Tango just talked to me and he didn't scold me or even be all grumpy but it's just this feeling like I've massively let someone down. It's so unprofessional to cry but I really, really, really want to :((( I am so horribly bad at organising things!
16th-Feb-2009 01:44 am - Of Brothers and Merlin
The brother has finished Season 1 of Merlin. What is that about? Haha. I've only watched up to Ep 8. He even helped download the extras of the Cast Diaries once I showed him where it was. yaay!

He tell me he likes the plot but it's probably the subtext and Colin Morgan's bashful smile unconsciously drawing his brain in. Haha.

Omg, so many things to look forward to after work tomorrow.

Anyway, on a totally random note:

If you haven't seen this MV very cleverly done with stop-motion, you absolutely have no idea what you're missing. Oren Lavie's soft dreamy music and orchestra playing in the background makes it even more lovely and surreal.

Of course, all credit goes to Eric, who ever introduces to me the bestest of music links : )))

Oren Lavie - Her Morning EleganceCollapse )
13th-Feb-2009 01:31 pm - HAHA, Merlin
I converted my brother in BBC Merlin.

I didn't even consciously made an effort. I just downloaded the eps, stuck them in my Ares folder and one day the bro comes up to me and goes:

"Hey, Merlin is pretty good!"

My first reaction was, "Seriously, it's pretty crap lar!" But that was just the first flush of being embarassed of being caught IN LOVE WITH Merlin fandom ahahaha!

I can honestly say that it isn't crap but I can tell you that it bears an *uncanny* resemblance to Smallville. I swear. There is a post inside me somewhere where I dissected it and did a cross comparison to the plotline and I tell you, damn. The producers weren't kidding when they said that Smallville was an inspiration of sorts.

Anyway, am just estatic that this fandom is bloody productive and that I have something bright and shiny to look forward to at the end of a sometimes damningly tiring day.

So! Things That I Have Been Doing That Caused Me Undue Stress And ExhaustionCollapse )
31st-Jan-2009 06:35 pm - MERLIN
I love teh Internetz0r.

Yes, I do.

I also love my friendly neighbourhood bootlegged DVD shop who told me in Cantonese, "Merlin? Don't have it. You'll have it order it, tho."

Ah, pirates. They are so one-up on us! :DDD

This is what happens when you do not live in a place with access to BBC One!!

Also, saw the first season of Tudors (I *know*. Shut it.) with a pretty and totally illegal box set cover, oh my!

What I am really looking for are episodes for Season 2 but there you go, they don't do box sets halfway :(

Also came across this old article about the return of Tudors in August08

"...Rhys Meyers warns that people should not look to it for a history esson, as it focuses on his face personalities, not politics."

"Physically, I'm nothing like the pictures of Henry and therein lies the boldness. We needed to do something to get a contemporary audience watching, to draw in people in their 20s and 30s."

i double e: What the producers're reeeally saying is, It's not neuroscience! We just want to make Tudor history sexy!

It's Jonathan Rys Meyer. Can you really blame them for trying? not me!
29th-Jan-2009 11:17 pm - Yuppie globetrotters!
Am looking at Tango's Facebook with a slight frown of utter ENVY on my face.

Tango has gone *skiing* in France... before he heads off for Rome.

If you ever had any doubt as to why people work for one of the MoD squad, it's because they can use their ill-gotten gains hard-earned cash to travel across Europe, bunk in their friends places and ski all over the goddamn French Alps.

Oklar, so the last few ones are just Tango.

Who is living *such* a life, omg. And has friends with terribly exotic-sounding names commenting on his chirpy FB status updates in a teasing manner.

Tango who sounds like a totally good egg and awesomely amiable when commenting back to his friends on Facebook.

If only I knew Tango in the capacity as a friend and not say, his *underling*! Tango would get on so famously with the Comms gang. (Actually, to his credit, he'd get on famously with *any* gang because he's just that cool.)


Boss-underling is very not the same, man.
23rd-Jan-2009 03:26 pm - Yuppiedom weighing me down
Office people bore me.

Ok, well, that was unfair. *Yuppie* office people who are not tuned into the vast field of pop culture bore me.

It couldn't be more apparent than this afternoon, during our (very nice!) seafood CNY lunch when I sat down with le colleagues and all they could talk about was high fashion, travelling to various countries in Europe and buying ridiculously expensive bags/clothes/etc etc.

I basically sat down, sipped my tea and tried not to my (impolite) urge to plug my mp3 to my ear and tune out.

The talk itself was interesting and I do love to gossip, goodness knows. It was just that this was gossip about people I don't know about things I couldn't really care about.

Also reminded how much of a catty *girl* Princess is! I honestly have the weirdest taste in guys. (So yes, this post is partially typed in my bad humour from being reminded of how Princess can be quite an arse sometimes and wondering when on earth it will stop bothering me so much)

Er, anyway, yea. Yuppie things colleagues are so into bore me to tears! Does hollywood gossip or movies not interest people in their 30s? :( I don't want to hit 30 and be able to only to be interested in the latest LV bag, etc etc.

(Does no one else find the whole idea of paying hundreds or thousands of dollars for a bag utterly *ridiculous*??)

Read in between the lines and most of this post is just me being slightly out of humour and unhappy because I can't join in with my two cents worth on high fashion choice/preference and thus not really belonging, etc. etc.

Oh well.

Anyway, CNY is around the corner, YAAY! Today's the last day of work before I go on a super long one week's leave (9 glorious days in total counting in the weekend and public holidays). I am going to sleep So. Hard. I'll wake up next year. I swear. Friday couldn't come early enough for me this week. as it is, I am already feeling awesomely festive and not in the mood to do any sort of work whatsoever :DDD

p.s. Tango broke the news to me that I can't make it for the company trip to Macau. :((( I didn't want to admit it but I was in very grumpy spirits on that day, Wed, I believe.

It's alright if they told us *before* that we couldn't make it, but noo... lead us to with high hopes that everyone could make it. Now we're told that MTs who joined only before 30th June are eligible to go and be merry in shiny Macau. It's worse that we had expectations of it.

Worse off, the poor souls who *can't* go haver to come to work, which is kind of ridiculous, seeing as how there won't be anyone in office to approve things, answer our emails of well, you know. Do Work. I'll make it a day and probably turn my music very loud and enjoy the quiet atmosphere. and go home bloody early for once
Came back and watched Light On MV four times in a row and am now all blissed out from being stared down saucily by Mr. Cook over Youtube. Seriously. Guitar strumming should come with a *warning* for that man. I'm not entirely sure it's legal to look that hot just holding a musical instrument and looking smokily at the camera.

The ridiculous amount of eye close ups! It's, it's... almost Cook porn. Where can we get more of it, plz?

We should have Cook just... be Cook in the MV. You know, Multiple close ups of his eyes! Cook strumming the guitar. Maybe running his fingers through his hair as he stares at the camera. In slow motion. Throughout the MV.

Pls be to excuse me as I fall off my chair in a dreamy daze.

Fandom is fun when an MV is actually *canon*.

On another note:

astolat writes Arthur/Merlin tentacle pr0n.

Merlin fandom showing *definite* promise. Haha.

*Watches it gestate*
5th-Jan-2009 01:16 am - Merlin!

How can one baby fandom have So. Much. Fic?

They already have AUs and BDSM, wot?

30th-Dec-2008 07:07 pm - Gah
Went rather unprepared for an improptu performance appraisal just now and it was a bit O.O;;

The actual appraisal went pretty ok, methinks, but the experience of it was slightly daunting even with just Tango, Dork!Lex and Bell who are right good eggs. Tango was all, "Ok, tell me about your strengths" and I went, "Um, ok..." and read off my performance appraisal sheet.

That was alright until he stopped me a few times in the middle and went, "Really? Did you demonstrate that? Sounds a bit... much."

And all three of them sort of *looked* at me, not judgemental-like, just waited patiently for me to explain and I sort of blinked at them as I tried to *think* of reasons to justify my performance when I didn't quite prepare for the whole 'banging fist on table and defending my position' situation.

Me: Um. um. well you see...

Strangely enough, Tango said that I came across as forceful in my work - perhaps a bit too forceful but said that it was ok, something I could work on. Somewhere, inexplicable, I had become aggressive! I can actually see myself like that but my brain is totally not registering.

I mean, you'd think that being forceful means that you know what you want most of the time and are confident in your own ability to the extent that you push everyone to follow your way of working.

But I'm like, the kind of person who spends 15 minutes mulling over whether I should send out a certain work-related email to certain parties and would change her mind at the drop of a hat! Can you be fickle and aggressive? Maybe its schizophrenia? O.O;;

Surprisingly, Dork!Lex actually stood up for me, which warmed the cockles of my heart (Champion!)... until he well, explained.

Dork!Lex: I wouldn't say aggressive, it's just, the body language?
Me: ::nods:: (I agree with anything, aaah. Stop judging me! T.T)
Dork!Lex: See, she's like me lar, we act as if we don't agree but that doesn't mean we are unaccepting of your views.

Me: W.T.H.

I remind Dork!Lex of... himself?

Dork!Lex is aggressive like how Malaysian politicians are corrupt
Dork!Lex is aggressive like how our Thunderstorms are crazy
Dork!Lex is aggressive like how The Mafia uses violence as a solution
Dork!Lex is aggressive like how Hugh Jackman one of the sexiest men alive

He's basically a nice chap with a good heart, if gruff exterior but that doesn't detract from the fact that Dork!Lex is One Aggresive Dude.

I need a personality transplant. Right. Now.

29th-Dec-2008 06:55 pm - Youth!
Aah, what a blissful christmas break this has been. Was utterly distracted from work on Christmas Eve, cranking up the Christmas carols I was playing over my PC much to the dismay of the long-suffering heathen Finance colleagues sitting around me. Rabbited off around 5.40pm without even finishing 3 quarts of what I'd set out to do because there was just no work done!

This properly exemplifies my entire Christmas break of 5 glorious days. No. Work. Done. (Well, for the most part lah) I shed my workaholic sheepskin and dove headfirst into Friends! Socialising! Wonderful Blissful Denial of All Things Work-related!!

Took a train with the family all the way to Ipoh on Boxing Day. Met up with my aunt, grandrelatives and did a little digging into my paternal roots in Batu Gajah, tiny hamlet of a place near Ipoh, beautiful in its serenity, much like the calm quiet of Balik Pulau and the small town charm of le residents speaking in their local dialect - which for Batu Gajah, is Hakka.

Spent most of my time in Batu Gajah with the family, stromping about the church's cemetary, hunting around for the tombstones of my great grandaunt and other great grand relatives and discovering that my Catholic roots spread about 4 to 5 generations deep, perhaps even more as the ancestors could have been Catholic even *before* we migrated to Malaysia, which, wow. Two of my great grandaunts were nuns and my Ipoh relatives conflate church and life in this inexplicable harmonious balance as natural as breathing.

I am about as Catholic as I am Malaysian. That makes being Catholic almost a cultural heritage for me. Not sure how to wrap my head around that. The idea of Catholism being coloured in a discourse that is Chinese.

Er. But this is getting away from me. Back to the glorious Christmas break. (Which is about to end, ARGH.)

Glorious Christmas Break cut-text for the faint of heartCollapse )
15th-Dec-2008 02:21 am - Sentimentality and Mushrooms
Ok, so I realised that I'm a bit of a sentimental mushroom when it comes to archiving SMS. I always have a problem with an overflowing inbox in my phone because I tend to horde SMSes.

Can't quite hit delete for some of them because I love to scroll and scroll and scroll and reread short, interesting and mostly random announcements on life (and love!) of the near and dear.

The oldest SMS I have is by Ka-May, old NS friend who loved to send those kawaii forwarded smses of bears and various digital furry critters, which I suspect (rather impressed) that she created herself. 19th June 2006.

I still have the sms sent on 28th January 2007 of bravecows's doki-doki pronouncement so whenever the date rolls by, I'll remember their Anniversary, which is kind of silly and stalkerly? but it's BIG and I love to reread it whenever I hear of friends hooking up.

If I resuscitate my very first phone I know I'll see an archive of memories - not mine but of bravecows in Concord and reminders of my MUFY days.

There is a long sms by my Uncle who had to message and tell me how awesome Galilee was when he went on his pilgrimage to the Holy Land in Feb 22 of last year which sent me into fits of envy and awe because he came back with a newfound fandom (it was a bit geeky to be labelled "faith") in being a recently-converted Methodist and lots of trivia and pictures of Jesus' past escapades.

I'm keeping Huey's sms of both of us goggling over Joshua Bell's violin concert on the 15th of July 2007 in MPO, where I bought the tickets a whole *year* in advance, so excited I was to to to MPO for the first time and to see the alleged reincarnation of Paganini himself. In the flesh.

I have Mindy and Yarn's sms the weekend after we came back from the best and most unforgettable university study trip to Baguio and Sagada on December 22nd '07 where we were trying to adapt to the strangeness of feeling glad to be back home yet missing a place we had lodged at for only two weeks and the bond of camaraderie formed there.

Fast forward and I have a dear friend's sms of a hilarious attempt of going for a all-guy queer night out only to discover that the facts were somewhat awry and it was *Lesbian* night at the clubs instead.

I always try and keep Feli's sms that take crazy digs at our politics because it reminds me that I've not sold my soul to the corporate world. Not completely. Not ever. Just as how I'm still keeping Aron's 1 line smses of the Opposition's sweeping victory on the first elections I voted in - on March 8 2008. "Dap wins ipoh". "Samy Vellu lost".

I try and keep everything and am always sadfaced when I have to resort to deleting my preciously kept smses to make way and make space for "important" work ones, reminders, whenever My Real and Current Life intrudes into my phone.

For someone so scatterbrained like me, whose memory constantly flows away from her sieve-like head, I know I'll always remember these minor instances in a friend's life - in my life because I carry your heart, your memories, with me. I carry them in my 'heart'.

p.s. So this post was really more about Sentimentality and none at all about mushrooms. Much misleading information, whoops.

p.p.s. Right ho, so finishing Fry's 'Moab is My Washpot' makes me want to sit next to a weeping willow by a river (with ducks) and think about serious things, like how to squeeze powerful messages of nostalgia into one short line of my facebook status. Who'da thunk.
30th-Nov-2008 01:41 pm - : (
So, so tired.

So tired with internal magazines that keep being held back from being published on time, tired of stretched timelines over things I can't control- line putting up signboards. Tired of the fact that I'm somehow responsible for putting up signages in the first place, WTF?

Sick of worrying over Dec 3rd's event eventhough I know I *shouldn't* be having to worry over it - although that doesn't seem to help me stop.

Weary that I had to come home on Friday and sit down for a good cry to make myself feel better. Then proceed to be pissed at self because it seems evident I can't handle pressure very well while everyone else in office seem absolutely Fine! with their seemingly insurmountable mountain of duties over mine (or well, they're not falling over and *weeping their eyes out* at home, at least. Not that I know of? But they could be?) I should be handling pressure better, omg!

Also, seem to still be sick of the FLU and other annoyances like that. Can't shake it off.

Ohman, when the mid-Dec rolls by and most of the craziness has past, YOU WON'T FIND A GLADDER SOUL THAN MINE.

Anyway, I have an event on the 3rd Dec, one of those media night things for le Company. And we're inviting this Great Magician of Australia, Phil Cass.

He won't tell us what he's doing, we don't know how his jokes will go down or if he is truly as awesome as they claim him to be... or what the heck he is going to do, bringing a *live duck* to the performance.

On the event that there is any inkling of things going South on the night, I'll be over here, in my makeshift grotto, praying for Divine Intervention.
29th-Aug-2008 09:53 am - Blogging from Work...
The only good that has come out of the online media (like the Star and NST) reporting the censorship of Malaysia Today is that all of them end with statement *telling* the public that there is a mirror site where Malaysia Today's news can be accessed.

It's like the Press is (very) subtly rooting for the Rakyat!

Other news:

Najib Hopes Anwar Will Help Develop Nation.

Can't... comment... Laughing... too hard.

“We accept that he won. We respect the decision of the people and that the opposition parties within PKR have chosen him as Opposition Leader,” he said.

Najib said Barisan Nasional would have to study the sentiment of voters in Permatang Pauh in detail.

It's amazing how all the ministers in BN are unashamedly sour-faced at Anwar winning (as expected) with a major landslide in Permatang Pauh. They're all, "Yeah well, good for him. We hope he like, helps develop the nation and stuff. Whatever, you know."

And of course, Dr. M, who's as colourful as ever.

Dr. M: "Anwar could convince even the devil to follow him".

No, I'm serious. He actually said that. Malaysian UMNO politicians (and ex-but still want-to-be politicians) are too amusing (and exasperating) for words.

p.s. The down-side to blogging at work is that I can't actually *view* the post after I've posted it. I can just... post. So I can't read my flist, which, argh. But I should be doing work anyway? Haha.
27th-Aug-2008 06:15 pm - : (
I miss everyone in university *and* university so terribly right now. (All the drama notwithstanding)

I could cry.
24th-Aug-2008 07:24 pm - Olympics 10m Diving - Men
Yes, it was a good day yesterday when dinner was accompanied by my dad and I watching the men's 10m diving event.

I was a little sore that I had missed all of the swimming events (which was won by *Superman*, no wait. Michael Phelps. That man is a Titan.) so's was all gleeful that the 10m diving event was still on.

Thus far, the Chinese diving team have been like superhuman divers with invisible wings and gills, they are so awesome - having been trained practically since birth and practiced diving off waterfalls and what other unconventional Olympic training. So's it always fun to watch them because they are just that good but it doesn't exact add spice and variety to TV when you're winning ALL the diving events, no matter how catchy your national anthem is.

So I ended up rooting for Aussie's Matthew Mitcham! :D (who was short and cute and had blond hair sticking up in all directions)

He executed his last dive - the back 2 1/2 somersault with 2 1/2 twists perfectly and was so overwhelmed at winning, he cried buckets, clung to what appeared to be his boyfriend and hugged everyone on sight. It Was So Cute!

Later on, my dad pointed out how strange it was that China's Zhou Luxin, who is always consistant in all diving events, trashed his last dive.

The Dad: You know, I think Zhou Luxin threw the event.
Me: Why on earth would he throw the event?? Does China *look* like the kind of country who would throw an Olympic event?
The Dad: *conspiritory hushed voice* They might to gain political leverage!
Me: ...

So honestly, I don't care if it's true (which I highly, highly doubt) because it made for awesome TV, how Mitcham looked so bowled over to win Gold.

Also, he was all, 'I was crying, thinking that I had silver and then to get gold - I was a blubbering mess.'Collapse )

He was describing the Chinese team with this voice of Awe and slight disbelief that he won.


Only complaint:

TVB, cutting off the awards ceremony for the diving event cause China didn't win? So Not On! Man.


On another note:

Olympics Closing Ceremony now! w00t!! :D
This post was supposed to go up yesterday but I came back bushed and tired from the stress of surviving my first day at work (which is quite, quite different from stress from work, per se).

This is of course, stretching it a bit since I know quite a bunch of people, if not by name, then by sight in Le Company so's wasn't a Big Stressful Day, really. Just me feeling terribly insecure in my new department and trying to fight being shy and awkward and be the Type A Extrovert personality that they apparently hired me for.

Interviews are such a *lie*!

Work-wise, it's all good so far. Can I say I muchly prefer this than HR? I guess I can : D Although this is mostly because they have me doing menial work which is apparently some rite of passage for a new Comms/PR personnel. i.e. Monitoring media stories on tobacco companies (ours), printing out said articles, labelling them and sticking them in a file.

Yessiree Bob, they've got me doing filing.

And a bit of translating a BM article to English, which was fun! Oh, translation! :)

It feels like I did more as an intern than now, a management trainee. This is a bit preliminary since they usually leave you alone for the first one week but I remember during my internship, my superior had told me that I had to compile internal *audit* documents and rattled off the various functions I had to undertake as she dumped pile upon pile of documents for me to read.

On my first day.

It was kind of scary.

I think I like this way much better. The easing you into the company structure first before they make use of the soul they bought from you, etc etc.

Did I mention my superior is sort of awesome looking?

He's terribly young to be a supervisor, since he's just graduated from being a management trainee, which is what I'm a bit worried about (seeing as how he'll be in charge of my career progression and guidance-giving, etc etc) but he's also sort of bad-boy cool in this tall-black-framed glasses-gruff/tough love-smoking demeanor.

(His way of asking me how I was doing on my first day was to grunt, "Oy, stress ah?")

Also? Bald as an egg. Just like LEX!

Unfortunately, his whole look doesn't quite suit his slightly dorkily-shaped round face but there you go. Coolness has to end somewhere.

My line manager.

Anyhow, I have good vibes about this department so far. *keeps fingers crossed* Everyone in HR was nice when I was there but I always felt exhausted just trying to well, smile everyday. It was a bit like how I imagine Pleasantville would be like. Happy, Friendly and Awfully Uncomfortable.

So far, people in my department tend to keep it real* among each other as far as I can see anyway. For one thing, my Line Manager, whom I shall henceforth name DorkLex is grumpy all the time so he doesn't pull stops to show to people that he is and everyone seems to be okay with it so it feels more sincere how they don't always smile and carefully measure and weight everything that they're saying.

Having said that, I was still entirely TOO glad to be out and not with them for lunch. I didn't realise until I actually saw my old friends but I really missed the crazy bunch of Operations MTs from the last time I interned.

I was never really part of their group eventhough they always gamely invited me to most of their outings/lunches, but there was a Moment when I saw all of them in front of the office lobby in their uniforms just hanging around and I knew that they were waiting for me. I got a bit scratchy at the throat then.

We ate at Wendy's, which deserves a post ALL TO ITSELF. A post that describes the wonders of a fast food outlet where the fish burger actually tastes delicious and *looks* like one. Unlike a Certain fast food conglomerate that produces fillet-o-fishes that look like they've been served fresh from the mould of plastic in which they were made.

Then when I came home, I booted up the 'ol flist and found posts on Cook and general fandom wonders of the AI tour and Life Was Good All Round.
17th-Aug-2008 03:04 am - On Youtube.
More ArchieCollapse )

Man. DA is entirely too adorkable for his own good.

Interviewer: *chatterchatter* D'you have gum in your mouth?

Archie: Oh.. no. I've got grapes in my mouth. Sorry. I'm trying to like, chew chew chew, but it's not working. That skin, dangit.

*Cook turns away into peels of laughter*

The strangest part about his entire cute package is that he's not really saying anything extraordinary in the interviews. It's something my friends would say, which maybe why it's cute and offbeat because it beats out of the whole guerilla interview routine where you and the interviewer bounce questions and answers you've both heard 10 times over, off each other.


Cook being all Protective Big Brother over Archie.

This is when Archie starts to fidget over being called a sex symbol and instead pulls Cook over and goes, "You can call him the sex symbol. All my friends like him," and Cook is all, "Okay. All right. Sure"

Totally taking the heat off the poor guy.
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