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I suppose I'm one of those fellows my father always warned me against.
Work-cakes, meh. 
3rd-Sep-2009 03:41 pm
Must. Try. To. Stop. Posting. Depressing. Things. About. Work.

Thing I hate most about joining new departments - not knowing a single damn thing how everything works. The culture of working, how to read the bosses, not knowing simple processes at the drop of the hat and having to endure impatient huffs when you ask - having to find that razor thin balance between making your own decisions and *asking* for others' opinions when it really matters.

Judgement calls. I'm not very good at that. In fact, I'm not good at that At. All.

New Boss Lady just asked me to do something after brief explanation and I went ahead and did the thing and then some. Then she was all impatient because I didn't do it right and didn't clarify with her before I did it (it was a really simple thing and I didn't want to keep bugging her...) Anyway, she was all, "Look, I'll take it from here, ok?"

:( Incompetence.

People have work-problems. I have *self* problems ABOUT work. Oh man.
3rd-Sep-2009 01:35 pm (UTC)
I am Noname
You are definitely not incompetent. Come on, all of us know that!

There's always this tendency from impatient bosses to expect newcomers to immediately have what was taught 5 minutes ago branded into his/her brain. So it's normal. You'll have the rest of the term to impress her. If that doesn't go well, you'll still have your past departments to go to (where they know you are an awesome employee).

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