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In Sekrit, In Stealth
I suppose I'm one of those fellows my father always warned me against.
7th-Apr-2009 04:37 pm
Ohman, I totally deserve whatever harassment I get from Gay FRIM Dude, man.

My event is drawing nearer, which is great since I can get it over and done with. Also, arranging an event to plant trees and do environmental tree-hugging things is sort of fun (*touches wood*) although worry-inducing for a worrywart like me >.<

Anyhow, the double-edged blessing in planning this is that I am not doing any dirty running-around legwork this time - FRIM is. Or rather, (not-so) Gay FRIM dude is. Therein lies the worry. He's toned down, in that he has stopped sms-ing me and giving me miss calls at weird hours in the night but my worry over making sure that this event goes *well* means that he needs to be on top of things and making sure everything is perfect-perfect for us, since we're one anal MoD.

So in that mindframe, I've started flirting horribly with him to you know, arm-wrestle Fate into making sure he's in constant good humour and is... Not planning the destruction of my event.

To be fair, FRIM dude sounds pretty efficient, he does. He inspires confidence but I can't seem to shake off that worry of *depending* the future of my event on this dude kilometers away, whom I can't see on a daily/weekly basis. Although, the wonders of the telephone - it really is wonderful! Thank goodness for that.

Anyway, yeah. So a conversation with him on discussing event-planning went something like this:

(In BM)
Me: Just so you know, I'll be away from xx to xx overseas, yea. Which is why I'm hurrying to complete as much as I can before that.

FRIM Dude: Really? Wow. *nudge nudge wink wink ovr phone* Getting married, issit?

Me: No lar. I'm only going for a few days, I'll definitely need like, *two months* off for a wedding celebration!

FRIM dude: Haha. I know you're not getting married anyway... cause you have to wait for me!

Me: Is that so? You have to take a number, you know!

Both: *laughs rauciously over phone*

I've also apparently agreed to take him out for a lunch or dinner somewhere, out there... on the successful event of my event.

Man. I'm totally the person to sell my abuelita for a project to go smoothly.


p.s. Honestly wish I could have had my event *before* my trip to Hong Kong! Cause now my brain is on workworkwork! instead of hyping myself up proper and inappropriately using office time to blog look up places to eat awesome HK food on Google.
7th-Apr-2009 09:47 am (UTC)
hahahaha! oh, Max. <3 When are you leaving for HK? Am vicariously excited over your trip!
7th-Apr-2009 09:47 am (UTC)
Also, nvm lah, I'm sure your brain will switch from workworkwork to woo, vacation! once you're in HK. And you can just wing it when it comes to looking up places to eat!
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