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I suppose I'm one of those fellows my father always warned me against.
Ultimate Boss Fail >: ( 
27th-Mar-2009 10:07 am
I was talking to my manager, Patience and 3rd level-boss, Tango today when I caught a snippet of the most unbelievable conversation that highlights utter Big Boss Failure.

They were talking about getting our team of directors' approval on a certain project and discussing how Patience should approach certain directors to gain 'visibility'.

(Paraphrased from our conversation)

Patience: Ah, come on, which director doesn't know me? They all know me by name.

Tango: (how about) Garlic*?

Patience: Garlic hardly knows anyone's name!

Me: *butts in* But how can Garlic not know your name? o.O

Tango: He doesn't even know my name, ok

Patience: *gives an amused look* For the longest time, whenever he wanted to talk to Tango, he would tell his secretary to "call that Chinese manager who sits at the opposite side of the room"


Just to recap for all who have forgotten, Tango's a senior manager. Sure, he doesn't report directly to Garlic but he writes Garlic's *speeches* and internal communications and everything with Garlic's NAME on it. Not to mention Tango's had a 'personal audience' with Garlic for pretty much every project that needs his approval.

Let's face it, our office area is pretty big, what with the factory and all and it may have been forgivable if say, Tango was sitting in the factory area with the Operations Managers and doesn't get to see Garlic, who sits on the 3rd flr of the admin building, very often unless necessary.

However, Tango is not. He sits on the Same. Floor.

Maybe I'm oversensitive - I've been spending a few sporadic late nights catching up on the latest fiasco in RaceFail09. Honestly though, the only indignant comment I could muster to something as ridiculous as the comment "that Chinese manager who sits across the room" was:

Me: *pissed* What, so he has trouble recognising faces? Chinese people all look alike to him?

Tango: *shrugs* Maybe?

Yeah well, sorry if we all look alike, man. That reason really doesn't cut it.

*Try* a little more, for Pete's Sake. You're the face of the God Damn company. Surely you can remember the name of the senior manager who sits on the floor as you, who personally consults you on *work*-related matters, whom you bump into On. A. Daily. Basis.

At best, you are just a lousy excuse of a boss who can't even remember the name of important staff.

*Pseudonym to cover my ass

ETA: Just to make clear, Garlic is white. (Maybe him being obnoxious is naturally attributed to the fact that he's French?) *ducks potatoes* Joking, joking!
27th-Mar-2009 05:46 pm (UTC)
Man, that boss is total fail! Even if he wasn't white he would be self-important fail, but since he is white he's probably neo-colonialist self-important fail!

*judges a dude I have never met*
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